Thematic Work Areas of SHED

The Work of SHED

SHED translates its grand dream into reality.  Its business concept is anchored on the absolute empowerment of the poor through wealth creation and value formation. With microfinance as the business platform, three empowerment programs revolve around the work of SHED.Given the huge and complex issues on poverty, SHED advocates that poverty eradication must be a shared responsibility among the government, the private sector and more importantly, the impoverished members of society.  SHED partners with communities in the recruitment and enrollment of qualified individuals as members in the SHED program. It is also through the partnership with communities that the delivery of programs, products and services are realized.

                         Thematic Areas of SHED


  1. DRR/Disaster Management
  2. Health
  3. Education
  4. Gender and Human Rights
  5. Livelihoods
  6. Sustainable development – Climate; Energy and Agriculture
  7. Peace and Security
  8. Media and Development
  9. Economic Empowerment (under economic empowerment also Technical/Vocational Training)
  10. WASH
  11. climate change
  12. governance
  13. elections
  14. communication
  15. Evaluations and Assessment
  16. Research and Policy
  17. Social Mobilization and Communication Campaigning
  18. Minorities rights