project title till 2009

Blood Bank at DHQ Hospital Haripur
Establishment of district control room
Establishment of dvdma
Reducing Future Risk in Earthquake Affected Communities – Capacity Building and Assessment Program
IDPS assistance Programme for SWAT
Capacity Building Training Program
Disaster risk reduction training project for communities
Capacity building/ establishment of Pakistan Human Rights Wing
Establishment of Divisional Disaster Management Authority
Establishment of District Emergency Coordination Cell
Governance Project
Wireless Communication Project
Construction Project for DVDMA Office
Construction Project for DDMA Office
Capacity Building Program for Govt. Staff
Media Perception Project
South Asia Peace Institute for Conflict Management
Interagency Coordination Project for Humanitarian Assistance
IDPs Assistance Program
Camp Management & Emergency Response
Community Camp Management
Emergency Hospital
Emergency Hospital LKMT
Vocational Training Center Project
Maternity Center Project
Water & Sanitation Project Schem
Food Distribution Project
Strengthening Civil Defense Volunteer System
Regular Technical support to FATA Development Program – Livelihood Development (FDP – LD)
Maternal & Child Health Center Project for IDPs
Nutrition Support to IDPs Project for IDPs in host families
Camp Maintenance Project for IDPs
Community Services Project for IDPs
Distribution of Non Food Items
Water Purification Plants for IDPs
Improving education and healthcare for children
Empowerment and legal support—-developing network for networking
Research and registration data base
Women crises center
Youth leader ship & mentorship programme
Security improvement assistance programme for local government