Philosophy & Mission


Philosophy SHED


SHED is dedicated in addressing the long-term developmental needs of beneficiaries by studying their general and fundamental problems, even while in the emergency phase. So this organization serves at Divisional and District level communities to ensure that programs do not impose solutions from the outside but they are designed after profound assessment of the situations so that long-term needs and requirements could be met. Being a humanitarian agency, SHED believes that one of its main functions is to bring in focus the needs of helpless populations to the communities and people of the general world, so this organization is  committed on serving those people who could not have received due attention


On the other hand, SHED  take emergency situations as a window of opportunity for eradicating poverty and social injustice, although such situations brought a profound emotional and financial toll, but with timely planned responses in such situations, SHED helped in reducing the risk of economic and social crises.








The mission of the organization is to provide better facilities for poor and most neglected people, better quality of education according to the current era, provide a safe and secure environment for everyone, to ensure individual, basic needs.SHED is committed to maintaining peace and security, developing and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights and make the world a better place.










To create an environment where people will be enable to achieve sustainable development under different aspects of economical, political, social, cultural and legal frameworks.


To promote democracy, human dignity, social justice and solidarity; ensure tolerance, non-violence, pluralism and non-discrimination with full respect for diversity within and among the societies


To create awareness among the masses about resources degradation and misuse of resources affecting human life either directly or indirectly.


To ensure the preservation of living environment, educate government institutions, policy makers and politicians about the importance of sound environmental practices in the target area


To arrange the development programme and schemes for rural area.


Enhancement of Livestock Productivity.