About SHED

About SHED

With microfinance as its business platform, SHED is a campaign movement to pursue the ambitious dream of a world of individuals and communities free from all forms of poverty and exploitation. Given this huge and complex task,  SHED advocates a holistic or an integrated approach to eradicate poverty.    Hence SHED, seeks partnership with individuals or institutions whose programs and services are aligned with SHED’s vision. This partnership is forged through the spirit of volunteerism and a shared responsibility. SHED is a membership organization of benefactors (support partners) and beneficiaries (the poor) committed to a world free of poverty.  SHED is a non-membership-fee movement.

SHED was founded by Tanveer Malik (www.tanveer.pk) and group of people who single-mindedly saw the compelling need for human empowerment among the poor in the face of social degradation, financial exploitation, and moral decay. Underpinned by microfinance and in support of the mission, SHED:

  1. introduces a radical concept of a shared responsibility from a shared vision to eradicate poverty through partnerships with individuals, communities and networks, e.g., local government units, civil society, parishes and other  associations.
  2. promotes the concept of membership, without membership fee among the impoverished sector to  partner with SHED and commit to a shared responsibility that will shore up their chances to get out of the cycle of  poverty through continuing availment of membership benefits.

Our Priorities:

  • Focus on Family – We work with poor families who are the worst affected by poverty. Thru a collaborative, selfless effort with others, regardless of faith, color or race, SHED plays the lead role in bringing about changes or transformation within families and communities.
  • Organizing the Poor – Creating organizations of and for the poor are at the heart of our work. Our cell groups, mostly women coming together, form the core body that promotes living out the spirit of volunteerism and cooperation.  The dynamics of an organized grouping for the poor provide a powerful forum where life-long lessons are learned and lives are changed.
  • Restoration of Human Dignity –   Continuing financial education and value formation seminars are priorities to break the shackles of exploitation and deliver the poor from the ancient bondage to poverty. Through these, individuals within groups are empowered to form their own thoughts on matters that could influence decision-making affecting their homes or communities.