About SHED World Wide

Society of Humanitarian Empowerment for Development

With microfinance as its business platform, SHED is a campaign movement to pursue the ambitious dream of a world of individuals and communities free from all forms of poverty and exploitation. Given this huge and complex task, SHED advocates a holistic or an integrated approach to eradicate poverty. Hence SHED, seeks partnership with individuals or institutions whose programs and services are aligned with SHED’s vision. This partnership is forged through the spirit of volunteerism and a shared responsibility. SHED is a membership organization of benefactors (support partners) and beneficiaries (the poor) committed to a world free of poverty. SHED is a non-membership-fee movement. Read More


           Healing Heart Home (A village for Restoration of Life) Project
by Unesco Chair Incredible Team -Implemented by SHED

SHED intervened in Pakistan from 2000 to 2005 as an International NGO UK registered Charity in collaboration with local donor agency MDF Mianwali (www.mdf.org.pk), initiated different development projects like dispensaries, maternity center, community based schools including some research based projects on agriculture and organic fields in the districts of South Punjab. Later on in 2005, on completion of projects, SHED UK was hired by MDF Mianwali and applied as a local NGO for registration in Pakistan under Social Welfare Agencies Ordinance 1961 with name SHED Pakistan. The provisional registration was granted in 2005 and since then SHED Pakistan extended its network for humanitarian assistance by getting actively engaged in developmental projects in all province of Pakistan and AJK.SHED has established different Disaster Management authorities at district and division level for the KPK government, organized several training on Disaster Risk management field for different cader of government official to prepared them for any kind of disasters, currently SHED Pakistan has access to 12 cities of Pakistan with help of different local and international donors and implementing different projects in different sectors

in 2012, SHED Pakistan with the collaboration of SHED India, SHED Nepal, SHED UK,SHED UAE,SHED Denmark initiated international projects and merged all SHED country chapter as SHED worldwide in USA coordination Hub  office